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    Quality Santa Beards and wigs for secret santas everywhere. Santa Beards and accessories for professionals and one time party affairs. Santa beards for the old guy has been a specialty of ours for over seventeen years. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive for kids and kids at heart. Our Santa beards and wig are manufactured with pride in various types. Our suits are sewn of fine fabrics and careful attention to detail that give years of use and enjoyment. All of our santa suits have parts for replacement and upgrading. From time to time St. Nick may lose a glove or have a reindeer chew on his boots. When emergencies arise we offer year around replacement parts for all of our costume styles. The spirit of Christmas abounds at office parties, backyard barbecues and family events. When choosing whiskers you need to consider what kind of use you want it to give you. If you are looking for long time use you want one made of high quality fiber that is washable. Bear in mind that the economy sets are made of inexpensive fiber and are meant for limited use. Quality fibers like Kankalon give you a much better look, more natural appeal and more extended use. These higher quality fibers are hand washable in warm water with some Woolite brand detergent. Then just hang up and allow to air dry. Proper care of your santa beards will insure many years of use and keep the jolly old elf looking great for many Chrsitmas gatherings to come. Professional and home Santas will both find the sets to match their budgets and use here as we have been getting the old boy ready for over 20 years now.

santa beards

Super Deluxe Santa Beards
Extra white Kanekalon fiber for long wear
and a very thick beard with cupped chin.
Deluxe S wig has a skin top for realisim and
a thick wired mustache. Quality construction
and durable for years of sleigh rides.

(66002) $98

Supreme SK Set
An excellent rental quality wig and beard
set in Kanekalon fiber. Thick wide beard
covering the chest and has full backing.
Robust wired mustache and curls. Finely
made Santa set for many years of use in
the toy shop.

(66004) $108

whiskers and wig set

whisker sets

Supreme Santa Beards
An excellent rental quality wig and beard
set in Kanekalon fiber. Full wide beard
which covers the chest and has full backing.
Separate hand made lace mustache can be
applied with spirit gum. Finely constructed
Santa set for many years of use. Always a
hit for Christmas morning entrances.

(66007) $109

Spirit Gum (66010) $4

Spirit Gum w/ Remover (6535R) $8

Extra Large Supreme
This is our largest set yet for a really
big guy. Great coverage, width and huge
fullness to the chin with a wired mustache.
A realistic skin wig top makes the Extra
Large Supreme set one of our best sellers.

(67004) $135

Christmas costumes

Christmas Elves

Father Christmas
Extra long 19th century version for a
traditional look. This jumbo set includes
a wired mustache and comes in two wig
types. Our standard wig is full and slightly
curly. While the straight wig is more like
Father Christmas. Both are excellent
quality and made for extensive use.

Standard Wig (67006) $86

Straight Wig (67006S) $86

Super S Set
(1382) $60

Whisker Sets

Christmas Sets

Royal Christmas Set
(1381) $45

Luxury Set
(1384) $80

Whisker Sets

Christmas Sets

Jumbo Christmas Set
(1383) $80

Economy Set
Complete with wig for office party fun.
(5085) $26

St. Nick Whiskers

St. Nick Belly
Fitting like a vest this red flannel holiday
stuffer is washable and durable. Quite
realistic and keeps it's shape and position.
(5930) $27.00

Deluxe Belly
Comfortable Christmas Belly that won't slip
or slide around. Very realistic cotton and
mesh material holds four pockets designed
to hold standard cool packs to keep St.Nick
nice and North Pole chilled. Comes fully
stuffed and zippered from the back.
(13734) $48.00

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